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Further information on Archibald Hoare



During my research on those named on the Grateley Church memorial, I made
some real progress with Archibald Hoare. This came about following a trip to the
battlefields in France when I was able to visit his grave at Tincourt. I know you
have a particular interest in the Hoare family so, if you would like some photos of the cemetery entrance and his grave, I can send them to you.

I also visited the place where Archibald almost certainly received the wounds from which he died; a small village called La Vacquerie some 10 miles south of Cambrai. This was where his Battalion went into action on 20 November as part of the break in battle through the Hindenburg line. The Battalion lost almost all of its officers, (killed or injured that morning) and many of its SNCOs; the attack was however successful. It was also the place where one of his Battalion (Pte Albert Shepherd) earned a VC for his bravery and leadership - the medal is held by the Green Jackets Museum in Winchester.


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