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Grateley Station c. 1920 (2 0f 4)


We are not exactly sure of the date for this picture but think it was taken some time during the period late 1910's to early 1920's. The train on the left side of the photo appears to be carrying gun carriages. The signal box on the left, The Station Masters Cottage on the right, and the wooden footbridge have all now gone.

From Stan Angell
"The wooden footbridge over the line was replaced by a standard concrete bridge in the 1920's so gives some approx date for the photo. Also, the windmill appearing in this and other photos of the station itself was of all-metal construction and used to pump water from a well to a tank serving several taps around the station. It was not used to provide water for locomotives and there were not any facilities for doing so at Grateley".

photo source: Middleton Press

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