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The History of Grateley

Part sixteen: Modern Holders of Lord of the Manor of Grateley" (1930-2007)

The title of the manor passed through many hands over the years from the 12th century but tended to remain within the Mauduit family although it may have appeared to change family when the title followed the female line. This situation remained until 1617 when Lord Audley bought the Title. The title changed hands several times until the 20th century when the title was bought by Henry Thomas Whitby Barron of Malvern in the County of Worcester.

The title then passed through his son Edwin Hastings Fownes Barron by the will of 1930. Edwin died in 1939 intestate the title passing to his wife Joan as sole beneficiary.  Joan then married James Francis Hollick in 1951 and died in 1971 intestate leaving the title vested in her husband. There appears to be no issue from this union. Thus the title passed finally to his grandson David Henry Barron of Gillingham, Dorset in 1985.

David Henry Barron then sold the title to Peter John Russell of Coventry in December 1986.

On the death of Peter John Russell on 6th November 2000 he was ‘seised for an estate in fee simple of the Lordship of the Manor or reputed Lordship of the Manor of Grateley in Hampshire.

On 16th of May 2001 Robert William Willson of Nuneaton, Warwickshire was granted probate to the will of the aforementioned Peter John Russell at the Oxford District Probate Registry of the High Court.

Robert William Willson then sold the title to Walter Rindfleisch of Munich, Bavaria, Germany on 16th August 2007. Herr Rindfleisch is said to be a descendant of the continental Mauduit family.

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